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Review for Resveratrol Merlot Refining Peeling

After receiving a sample gift they give you it took me a while to try it as I have my VERY special product I WAS in love with.However I was blown away cant brag enough about the many I have now.My husband went a bought quite a few items for my Christmas, then more for my birthday.
I must admit I wasn’t too happy as the price is much more than we can afford, however decided to do without wine.(maybe once a mnth)
They kinda know me now and I see there are some great ideas out new.
I get malbec,dont have the dry skin now,used the night cream,day cream, mask,hand and body lotion is superb,my husband has his could never get rid of the dryness.
But I really did not believe there would be a difference in the reformative mask.when I can possibly afford it I would like thevitamin A.My granddaughter at 10 yrs. old gave us both a mask (spaday as I have a broken hand)took a video it is a laugh even she sees it truthfully.

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